Our History

A very special thanks goes out to all of our service men and woman defending our freedom both at home and abroad.  Several members of the Houser Auctioneers team are veterans of past and present wars.  We know that every day, those serving carry a burden that others often neglect.  As heroes of our nation, may they all be protected until the day they return victorious.




Founded in 1943 by a hard working and honest man, Curtis Houser created a trusted name in the Auction Industry.  As a charter member of the Lehigh Valley Auctioneers Association, Curtis began the auction business from his small farm in the Mushdahl valley of Schuylkill County.  Together with his wife Gwen, they created a business that has stood the test of time.  Today, instilled with the same values of honesty and hard work, the children and grandchildren of Houser Auctioneers have taken the once fledgling business to all new levels. 

Today, Gwendolyn leads our auction team with a simple philosophy, “ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR ROOTS.”  The Houser family conducts auctions with the goal of providing the best service to both our buyers and sellers.  How do we do that?  We start with the basics.  Over the past five years, Houser Auctioneers has averaged 101 auctions EACH year.  Every auction we conduct is done so with the same level of hard work, care and expertise no matter how large or small the sale is.  Each member of the Houser family knows the items we sell belong or did belong to someone special.  Our job is to take those items and create an atmosphere where the most return can be gained for the sale of the goods.  With three generations of experience, Houser Auctioneers has sold just about everything.  Antiques, farm equipment, art, medical equipment, tools, construction equipment and much more.   Houser Auctioneers knows that simply selling items is not what makes us different.  What does set us apart is the personal care and attention to detail we show in every auction we do.

With the guidance of Curtis and Gwen in mind, Doug and Tim have grown the business from an average of 25 sales in the early 1990’s to the before mentioned average of over 100 sales per year.  As a graduate of Bloomsberg University with a degree in education, Doug retired as a teacher in the early 90’s and dedicated his efforts to growing the Houser Auctioneer name.  Doug realized that in order to expand the business something would need to be done in order to set Houser Auctioneers apart from other auctioneers.  With that goal in mind, Doug began developing his skills as a real estate salesman and applied those skills to real estate at public auction.  In doing so, Houser Auctioneers has set the standard in real estate sales.  Our yearly success rate in real estate auction is nearly 90%.  Why is that significant?  Because it shows that Houser Auctioneers posses the knowledge and ability to bring willing customers to realistic sellers in the sales of real estate.  No more are real estate auctions associate with sherriff sales or bankruptcies.  Doug has developed the auction of real estate into something where the the fair market value of a property can be obtained at a lower cost than traditional private sale. What all this means is that families who are looking to liquidate an entire estate or downsize their own property, can do so in a much more efficient and more economical fashion than hiring separate auctioneers and real estate sales people.

At his side, Doug’s brother Tim has supported the business growth by developing his own expertise as an auctioneer.  Tim’s specialties in specific areas of collectibles is unmatched.  Specifically, Tim’s expertise in coins, weapons, farm primitives and equipment are unparalleled.  In addition, Tim’s experience as a past township supervisor give Houser Auctioneers a huge advantage in providing expert advice in the sales of real estate when zoning or sub division questions arise.

Of course, the third generation of Houser Auctioneers is now beginning to make it’s own imprint on our family story.  Doug’s son Jason is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and an 24 year retired service member.  Tim son’s, Nathan, is a graduate of Penn State University and currently heads the electrical engineering and design branch of Mack/Volvo trucks.  Even with their busy schedules, both boys sacrifice their time and efforts in learning and growing the reputation of Houser Auctioneers as the best and most trusted name in Auctioneers.

Last but not least we cannot forget the other members of our auction team.  Most importantly are the wives who do everything from the book keeping, to sorting jewelry, to most of all putting up with men who sometimes dedicate more time that they should to ensuring others are taken care of first.  Also, it should be noted that each member of our auction team has been with us for at least 10 years.  Our longest co-worker has been with us nearly 25 years.  These people are not just co-workers.  They are trusted family members and our success is largely impart to their honesty and hard work.

Houser Auctioneers is truly a family business where each individual maintains an integral part in our success.  We know that our continued success is dependent on a family atmosphere of trust and hard work where each person contributes to the overall success of one goal.  That goal is making your auction the best it can be.


Deciding to hire an auctioneer and conduct a public auction is something that requires a great deal of consideration.  Whether you are relocating, changing occupations, going out of business, handling an estate, or just getting rid of some old items, public auctions offer you many advantages.     

These benefits include:

    Everything being sold for cash

    All goods sold in a single day

    Prices are determined by competitive bidding which in turn creates the                   fair  market  value or “what a willing buyer will pay a willing seller.” 

    NO buyers premium…EVER!

Once your decision is made to conduct a public auction, hiring a fair, honest, and hardworking auctioneer becomes your prime concern.  This is important because the things you will be selling are your personal goods.  In some cases, these goods may have been collected and cherished throughout a loved-one’s or your own life.  We treat these goods as a extension of your financial future and therefore obtaining top dollar is essential.  What sets Houser Auctioneers above the rest is very simply what we can provide you the seller. 

Houser Auctioneers provides you not only three generations worth of experience, but also a variety of services many other auctioneers do not provide. Here are just a few of those services:

Personal pre-auction consultations

Inventory lists for advertising

Projected advertising budget

Auction set-up and preparation

Showcases and display tables

TWO – 300 person tents

Mobile auction office

Computer files and individual item receipts

Option to move off-site or conduct on-site

Credit Card / Check / Cash use

Video filming 

Liability insurance

Web Exposure for your sale

 trailer 2Tent

    Houser Auctioneers is your best choice when getting the maximum return on your goods.  We are Licensed and Bonded within the state of PA and serve Schuylkill, Northampton, Carbon, Lehigh, Berks, Monroe, and Luzerne counties.  Also, Houser Auctioneers has been approved by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. 


Finally, Doug and Tim would like to ensure our customers that Houser Auctioneers does not charge a “Buyer’s Premium” to your buyers.  Why is this important? Houser Auctioneers is dedicated to getting you top-dollar for your goods.  Doug & Tim feel that by adding a buyer’s premium you artificially lower the price of your goods.  Customers may not bid as high knowing they have to pay a fee on top of their bid.  We want you to know that we have truly brought you top dollar for your valuable items.

In 2007, we added a section to those of you who are new to the auction experience.  Often times, I take it for granted that everyone knows how an auction works, but from the many e-mails I receive, I have learned my assumptions may be incorrect.  Houser Auctioneers looks forward to welcoming new auction fans and this section will list the most common questions/answers I receive. Please understand that some sales may be slightly different than others but these answers should get you in the ballpark.  If there is ever a question, please e-mail or call and I will return your question as quickly as possible.  Also, I have broken this into two separate sections; one for standard personal property auctions and the second for real estate auctions.

Personal Property Questions:

1)  How do I buy at a Public Auction:  If you want to purchase items at auction, you will be required to register BEFORE buying.  All that is required is a visit to our auction clerk with a valid photo identification.  They will ask for a name, address, and phone number.  In return you will be given a buyer’s number that acts very much like a credit card.  When you bid/buy, just show the auctioneer your number.  If you are the successful bidder, that number is recorded and sent to the clerk.  When you are ready to go home, simply go back to the clerk and pay your bill.  It’s that simple.  Please note, out of state buyers may be asked to provide two forms of ID including a Credit Card.

2)  When can I preview the items:  Unless specifically mentioned in the newspaper or on the web site, preview of auction goods usually occurs 1-2 hours prior to the start of an auction.  For real estates, we often have an open house the week prior, however, viewing is for the real estate only – NOT personal property.

3)  What forms of payment are accepted:  Right now, we accept MC/Visa, cash or personal check.  For high end sales, you may see bank letter of certification required.  That simply means a letter from your bank guaranteeing funds available to the amount you are willing to spend.  If you are an out of state buyer, you will be asked to provide multiple forms of ID with a credit card number if you are not paying cash.  In addition, you will be required to talk with the auctioneer should your purchases be significant.

4)  When can I remove items:  After the sale of property, the buyer holds sole responsibility for the safety of the goods purchased.  Often times, goods may be held until a certain point in the auction when they may be removed.  If you have purchased larger items, you will be able to talk with the auctioneer about making arrangements for pick-up.  Please note that at our Mahoning Fire House Auctions, all goods usually need to be removed the day of sale.

5)  Do you have reserves at you auctions?  Very, very rarely do we have reserves on personal property.  If you ask our regular crowd, they will tell you we are the most honest guys in the business.  If we sell items, you will not see them a few weeks later on another auction.  You will not see items being bid up and you will not see items being held back.  Our normal auctions have no reserve prices.  On occasion, we do have large ticket items (real estates & large machinery) where the seller may want to protect the item.  Again, we do not even bother offering the piece if the seller wants an unattainable goal.  In addition, there are no hidden reserves…on the rare occasion there is a reserve, we will state that there is a reserve and when/if the price has been met.

6)  Can I reserve seats:  If you have a disability or require special assistance, please e-mail or give us a call.  We will be more than happy to help out and do whatever we can.  If you do require help, we will most likely ask you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the auction.  After that, our helpers are usually getting ready for the the start of the auction.


Doug – AU-000446L

Tim – AU-001794L

Jason – AU-005533

Nathan – AU-005534